Kickin’ it in Paradise – 2015

In Guest Blogger by Cynthia Coffen

Don’t you just hate it when a new year starts, you begin to think of all of the things that you said that you were going to do last year but… put them off?? And you wonder… why did I do that???

Do I want to live my life or do I want to just dream it???

Lots of us feel this way, but you know, you don’t have to let it happen again. The folks at CRDG Vacation Rentals can make just about anything happen for you and your guests in one of their awesome vacation rentals.

We have a large portfolio of options from 1 bedroom beach cottages all the way up to a 7 bedroom luxury villa and all with spectacular ocean views and the staff from CRDG Vacation Rentals would be thrilled to show you around.

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As you may know, renting a vacation home is different than staying in a hotel or bed & breakfast. Generally speaking you will enjoy a lower cost of living both in the rental and also in the kitchen! You will have a lot more privacy and you can entertain and house a whole lot more people in a private home. We know a lot of people out there say “I don’t want to see a kitchen the entire time while on vacation or I am not cooking a thing”, and this may be you.

Not to worry…. chefs are on hand and they will either come to your villa and prepare your meals or prepare them off site and deliver to the villa. After all, to vacation in paradise means having it your way.

But the truth is that it is so much easier to have a lovely cup of coffee and breakfast by the pool in jammies than it is to get dressed and to go down to a restaurant.

And if it’s adventure you’re seeking, CRDG Vacation Rentals has an on-site concierge department that will help you plan the most exciting tours to include zip lining, jet skiing, white water rafting, waterfall repelling, – the sky is the limit.

So, let us not delay our lives any longer. Let’s live it up!!! And let CRDG Vacation Rentals show us the way to a smart and festive 2015!!!

To get in touch with Gina: or US cell: (760) 402-7045

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